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Funeral and Cremation Service Choices in Penn Township, PA

Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc. offers a meaningful yet affordable funeral home and cremation service in Penn Township, PA. The caring and experienced professionals at Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc. are here to support you through this difficult time.  


  • All of our resources and energies are dedicated to serving and meeting the needs of families.
  • We are committed to our local communities and know local customs, traditions and preferences.
  • Licensed Pennsylvania Funeral Directors personally handle all arrangements and direct all funerals.

We here at Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc. have received the Pursuit of Excellence Award, recognizing the longevity and consistency of our funeral and cremation service. 

If you need our services immediately, please call us at 1-412-824-8800. We will begin the process of bringing your loved one into our care right away.

It can take a little work to find a caring funeral service provider that will meet your family’s needs. While they are all well trained and licensed to practice, each firm will do things a little differently than competing firms. As you look for a funeral and cremation provider in Penn Township, PA, you’ll want to find one that will best suit your particular requirements. Here are several things you should review about each company you are considering to hire for help:

  • Price: The cost of funeral care can vary greatly among providers, especially for services that are less commonly requested by customers. Fortunately, the law mandates funeral industry service providers to publish their prices for the public to review upon request. You can obtain and compare pricing from competing funeral homes in the area, and use this to help you find the best value for the services that you are seeking.
  • Service: Funeral directors and their staff are highly trained in their craft, having attended professional schooling for a mortuary science degree. They are well trained to provide the basics of industry care, including traditional and alternative funeral care. However, understanding service options and offering them to the public are not always the same. Every funeral home will specialize in those services which allow them to best compete in the marketplace. This differentiation leads to specialty services such as green burial/funeral, personalized celebrations of life, and cremation care. If you’re looking for something other than a traditional funeral service, be sure to inquire whether the funeral care provider can offer the support you want. 
  • Experience: This evaluation point ties in with service. The firm you hire will have more experience in the areas of service they provide to the public. Experience also depends on what subcommunities they tend to serve most. For example, if they commonly serve the needs of a religious faith, culture, or other social group, they will have a deeper understanding of how best to serve those people. Find out whether the funeral home you are considering to hire can support the specific care that you want to observe as part of the upcoming funeral or memorial service. 
  • Personalization: More and more people have moved to a style of funeral care that allows for greater customization to reflect the individual. The purpose is to focus on commemorative services around the person who has died. Families and friends who gather for a funeral or memorial that is not personalized often find the experience to be cold and without feeling or connection to the deceased. This type of tribute can emotionally hurt people at a time they need to be comforted. Ask the funeral director about their process for personalizing a service, and what they can do for your family based on your intended service type. 
  • Funeral Venue: Families that choose to hold services at the funeral home will want to evaluate the facilities, making sure that it is adequate for their needs. A tour of the venue will allow you to better understand what is available. Is there enough seating? Are the ambiance and décor appropriate to the type of funeral you want to have? Is there audio-video technology available for use? If the family will gather for a meal or refreshments after services, is there a warming kitchen and dining space?  
  • Location: Along with venue evaluation, be sure to consider where the funeral and cremation provider in Penn Township, PA is located. Ideally, it will be situated in a convenient area where the community of local friends and family can reasonably attend. Be sure the parking and access to the building are convenient, and there is enough room for all who may wish to come. 
  • Personality: Working with a funeral care director should be relatively easy to do. Ask yourself, are they attentive and interested in my family’s needs? Do they listen carefully? Are they presenting solutions that will help us? Do I find myself at odds with this person? As you shop for a provider, if you find it difficult to get along with them in your initial conversation, take that as a red flag and continue looking elsewhere. 

Funeral and Cremation in Penn Township, PA

When you work with Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc., you’ll find our team of dedicated funeral and cremation professionals in Penn Township, PA to be committed to excellence in our care of both the living and deceased. Our guiding principles include compassionate service to families who come to us for help caring for their dead. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and strive to provide families with high-quality service. Visit us at 700 Linden Ave East Pittsburgh, PA 15112. Or call for information and service at (412) 824-8800.

Funeral & Cremation FAQs

What is green burial?

Green burial is the process of interring the body of the deceased in the soil that allows organic decomposition. This process allows the body to be naturally recycled on the surroundings and is an alternative to other contemporary burial methods and cremation.

What happens at a green burial?

Green burial works the same as a traditional funeral observance but without the processes of embalming, refrigeration, and cremation. Any chemical and energy usage are skipped for greener and more sustainable death care service thus eliminating carbon footprint and allows vegetation to flourish around the burial grounds.

Is green burial sustainable?

Yes, because green burial is purely organic. It does not require embalming which can ruin the natural composition of the soil. Also, it is environmentally friendly because it does not require any fuel or electricity compared to cremation. Other funeral processes such as traditional burial and cremation consume tons of energy and leave a significant amount of carbon footprint.

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