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Choosing Funeral or Cremation Care in Monroeville, PA

Here at Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc., you are welcome to call us at any time of the day, any day of the week, for funeral and cremation immediate assistance in Monroeville, PA. 


  • All of our resources and energies are dedicated to serving and meeting the needs of families.
  • We are committed to our local communities and know local customs, traditions and preferences.
  • Licensed Pennsylvania Funeral Directors personally handle all arrangements and direct all funerals.

You can count on us to help you plan a personal, lasting tribute to your loved one. And we’ll carefully guide you through the many decisions that must be made during this challenging time.

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In today’s funeral care service marketplace, families and individuals have a choice. They can choose to hold a traditional funeral service with familiar and time-honored practices, or a memorial and cremation service with a wide variety of personalization and flexibility. Both options are dignified and honorable means of caring for a fallen loved one. A professional funeral and cremation provider in Monroeville, PA can help you evaluate these options for your particular situation.

Why Choose a Funeral and Casket Burial?

For a variety of reasons, individuals and families choose different funeral styles and death care. Traditional funerals and burials generally include a viewing or visitation hours, a funeral service, and a burial ceremony.

  • Viewing or Visitation Hours: Before a funeral service is held, the body of the deceased is embalmed, dressed, and groomed for a viewing reception. Friends and family can attend this informal gathering to pay their last respects to the deceased. This opportunity is highly valuable to those who wish to say goodbye and to see the fallen one last time. The viewing also allows people the chance to share in their grief, to express their feelings, and be supported in a group setting with others who mourn the death.
  • Funeral Service: The formal gathering of mourners at a funeral service provides a way to acknowledge and honor the life of a loved one. It is held in a variety of ways, depending on social, cultural, or religious practices that may be observed. The purpose of the funeral is to help families and friends to grieve their loss and mark the significance of the life that has ended. Services can help people to find meaning in the life of the person who has died and to consider the wonder of living at all. 
  • Burial Ceremony: The body of the deceased is taken to their final resting place, usually in a cemetery, where they are laid for lowering and burial. A group of family and close friends may gather for a few words, prayer, or other ritual activities that are meaningful before the casket is interred in the earth. The act of participating in the burial by throwing handfuls of soil on the lowered casket is a powerful practice that families can choose to observe.  
  • Gravestone Placement: Soon after the close of funeral and committal services, a monument may be placed at the head of the burial plot. The monument identifies who is buried in that location and the dates of their life and death. Those who knew the person in life may choose to return to the gravesite from time to time, paying their respects, healing their wounds of loss, and remembering their life. 

Why Choose a Memorial and Cremation?

Families may want a less traditional service, they might opt to disposition the remains of their loved one in a more personalized way. The reasons for doing so include:

  • Lower Cost: Cremations are not as costly as a casket and earth burial. There is no absolute requirement to embalm the deceased before cremation. Nor is there any need to buy an expensive casket, or a plot of earth in a cemetery. These traditional practices are not always in the best financial or cultural interests of modern families, who wish to do something more personal and practical. 
  • Earth Gentle: Cremation care is frequently considered to be more friendly to the environment. Unlike embalmed remains, there are no chemicals that can leach into the earth at a future day, polluting both soil and water in natural earth systems. Using precious resources such as hardwoods, metals, and other materials for casket creation can also be avoided. Preserving these things for other uses is a priority for many.  
  • Mobile: Families are much more mobile in today’s modern society. They move about more frequently for jobs, family, locational preferences, etc. This change in practice from prior generations means that burying a family member in a fixed location may not be in their best interests. Often, families are scattered across large geographical distances and may not return to the place of a deceased loved one’s gravesite. In these situations, families may want to choose to cremate the remains of their loved one, and lay them to rest in a preferable way. 
  • Memorial Service: Much like a funeral and cremation in Monroeville, PA, the memorial service offers a similar benefit to grieving families and friends, but without the presence of the body at the occasion. As a result, memorials can be scheduled at a more convenient time for all who may attend. 

Preferred Funeral Home and Cremation in Monroeville, PA

Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc. has been serving families in our community for generations. When you’re in need of funeral and cremation service in Monroeville, PA, call on our caring professionals for support. You’ll find us at 1111 Monroeville Ave Turtle Creek, PA 15145. Contact us today at (412) 823-9350.

Funeral & Cremation FAQs

What is a typical funeral service?

 A typical funeral service includes visitation or viewing, a funeral ceremony, and followed by burial at the cemetery. This is also called a “full service” funeral, traditional funeral is often offered first in funeral homes as their main package. It usually starts with wake visitation/viewing, where guests can view and pay their respects to the bereaved family.

How long does the funeral service last?

Traditional funeral service typically lasts around an hour, although some funerals can last for several days. It is highly subjective to religious beliefs and customs. Some funeral services can only last for 20 – 30 mins short.

How pre-planned funeral service is arranged?

Pre-arranged or pre-paid funeral service is a type of funeral plan arranged by an individual for themselves or a family member to a funeral home and paid in advance prior to their death. Funeral homes have this funeral service package to ease up the financial burden from unexpected costly decisions and taking advantage of the current funeral costs.

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