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Arranging and Conducting Funerals and Cremations in Edgewood, PA

Death is the natural course of life’s end. But when it happens to someone we love that is close to us, the finality of the experience is often emotionally painful. Separated by death, we can no longer enjoy the love and friendship we shared with the person who has died. In our grief, it can be difficult to plan funeral and cremation care in Edgewood, PA that will honor their memory.

Yet, it needs to be done in a manner that helps survivors to heal from their emotional wounds, and to carry on with life. Easier said than done. Every family has personal preferences about how they would like services to be carried out for their fallen. In the midst of their grief and overwhelm, hiring a qualified firm is often a wise course of action to take. But who should they engage for help? Who can be trusted to care for the mortal remains of their loved one with the respect they deserve? How can a family know which funeral home will keep their interests at heart?

Funeral Home in Edgewood, PA

Choosing the perfect funeral home in Edgewood, Pennsylvania, whether for yourself or a recently deceased loved one, can be difficult. There are numerous options available, and they may appear to be extremely comparable in terms of services, pricing, and reviews. There is no optimum moment to begin looking for funeral homes; however, the best time to begin looking is when you don't need to. You wouldn't want to be trapped with the easiest or most accessible funeral home because you don't have the time or money to look for a better one when the time comes. Don't hesitate to pick Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc. as your caring, compassionate & committed Funeral Home in Edgewood, Pennsylvania.

How to Evaluate a Funeral Services Provider

There are many points to consider when looking for the right care provider that will best suit your needs. It’s always best to do your due diligence before the need for funeral care arises, but if that isn’t possible, the considerations remain the same, although perhaps not as thorough as you would like. Regardless, be sure to evaluate each potential funeral home provider on as many points as you are reasonably able to accomplish.

Here’s what to look for in a funeral and cremations in Edgewood, PA:

Price: Every funeral service company is required to make their pricing available to the public in a general price list. This itemized list for services and goods must be requested directly by the consumer. You can request pricing over the phone, and receive a copy when you visit the establishment. Use this legal requirement to obtain pricing for area funeral homes that you are considering to hire for support. You’ll be able to compare pricing for the services you’re interested in obtaining.

Experience: All funeral providers and their staff will have some level of competent experience in their craft. They will have attended professional mortuary school for training, and worked in the industry for years in order to master the trade. However, you’ll want to identify any firms that have direct experience with funerals of the variety that you wish to hold for your fallen loved one. If you have any unique cultural or religious observances, ask the funeral director if they’re familiar with how services are carried out for your particular requirements.

Services: Some funeral care providers are less able to provide certain care options than others. You may be able to obtain a traditional funeral service quite easily, but not be as able to buy a funeral care service that is more personalized in nature. For example, if you wish to hold an alternative green burial, with a reception gathering and celebration of life, you may be more inclined to contact a party planner with coordination of funeral care. Another example is the cremation service. Some firms do not have an onsite crematory. When this type of service is requested, they must outsource the cremation to another provider at a differing location. If this is a concern for you and your family, look for a firm that has a crematorium onsite.

Venue: If you plan to hold services at the funeral home, be sure to evaluate the facilities of the building. You’ll want to check the adequacy of gathering space and seating, ambiance and décor, technological support such as audio and video, webcasting services, monitors and displays as needed. If a meal or refreshment will be served at the home, you’ll want to have a warming kitchen and dining area where family can sit down together for a meal.

Local Help: These days, the trend toward consolidation in the industry has resulted in many local funeral homes being bought out by large corporate owners. Although they may appear to be locally owned and operated, the loss of decision-making control at the local level means that service policy, pricing, and many key business decisions are made somewhere else. Make sure you find a service that prioritizes your needs over theirs.

Here to Stay: Funeral and Cremations Providers in Edgewood, PA

Here at Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc., our funeral and cremations firm in Edgewood, PA remains firmly in the caring hands of people who live and call this area home. When life ends, call our funeral professionals for local support in your hour of need. Our funeral home is situated at 700 Linden Ave East Pittsburgh, PA 15112. Contact our offices at (412) 824-8800.

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